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Fall 2019/2020 Player & Coach Registration

All Coaches Register here:

All Players Register Here:

I've Registered, Now What Happens???


Have you registered your Son or Daughter for Corinth Area Baseball?  If so, this is what comes next:

1.  If your child is 7U - 18U AND they are NOT on a Coaches' protected list then they will need to show up for their Skills Evaluation/Draft on August 10 at DBAT Denton or Corinth Baseball Fields (location to be determined later).  If your child is unable to attend the Draft-that's ok!  If they are not present then they will be randomly placed on a team.

The Draft Day Schedule can be viewed here:  TBA

2.  Practices start the week of August 12th.  Teams will not know their specific practice times until Coaches select them on August 10th at the Draft.

3.  You should be contacted by your Child's Coach by August 11th via email or phone.  If not, please inform CAB and we will assist.

4.  Fall Season games will start in late August or after Labor Day weekend.  Yes, we know that this is the beginning of the school year but we need to start games to ensure we have enough time for games and playoffs-thank you in advance for your understanding!

Misc. Questions and Answers:

-How do I know if my child is on a protected roster?  Did your child play last season?  If so, please contact the Head or Asst. Coach from that team and ask he/she if they are coaching again this season and if so, did they include your child on their protected roster list?  If so, then there is no need to attend the Draft.  If not, then you will need to attend.

-I signed up to Volunteer as a Team Mom or Asst. Coach, what do I need to do now?  Please visit the "Apply to Coach" under the Information Tab and complete Step 3 for the Volunteer Background Check.  You must complete this online check before interacting with the team or stepping on the field.  This background check is good for one year.

-When will I know what team my child has been placed on?  Coaches will know their rosters by August 10th.  They will be given your contact info so they can reach out to you.  You are also able to look online at each team page roster as to find where your child has been placed.  Please allow 2-3 days for coaches to contact you and for rosters to be updated online.

-What if we cannot attend the August 10th Draft Day?  No problem! If your child is unable to attend the Draft-that's ok!  If they are not present then they will be randomly placed on a team.

-When will my Child have practices and games?  Specific practice times are set by team Coaches and will not be set until August 10th.  Practices are set to start the week of August 12th.  Game schedules will be announced after the Draft.  

-What do I need to purchase for my child to practice/play?  Each child should come to practice with proper baseball attire that will allow him/her to excel at their practices.  Also, please make sure your Child has a water bottle.  If you are unable to provide a batting helmet or bat for your child, please discuss with your Head Coach.  Baseball game jerseys and baseball caps are included in your registration cost.  These will be passed out by your Head Coach at before games begin.

Need more info?  Please make sure you are following us on Facebook, check out our Scheduled Events on our home page and feel free to email us.

AGE CHART- Fall 2019/2020

CAB recreational baseball age divisions are based on USSSA age guidelines. A player's age as of May 1, 2020, is the age division that a player is eligible to play in the Fall 2019/2020 season. 

Please use this link to calculate your child's eligible age group for the Season 2020 (8/1/2019-7/31/2020) season:

BLASTBALL Competition Ages 3-4
5U T-BALL  Competition  Age 5
6U T-BALL Competition Age 6
7U COACH PITCH Competition Age  7
8U COACH PITCH Competition Age  8
9U Competition Age  9
10U Competition Age  10
11U Competition Age  11
12U Competition Age  12
13U Competition Age  13
14U Competition Age  14
15U Competition Age  15
16U Competition Age  16


For those age divisions that do not have enough participants to maintain "age pure" league play, that age division could be combined with another age division, such as 13U/14U. Players in any age division are eligible to register for an older age division, one year older. If a player wants to play in an age division two years older, their parents must submit a completed Play-Up Request Form.

In the Fall seasons, it is common to combine 5&6U, 7&8U, 9&10U, 11&12U, 13&14U and 15-18U. In the Spring seasons, it is common to combine 9&10U, 11&12U, 13&14U and 15-18U. 

Players are NOT allowed to play in a younger age division, unless the player has a documented physical or mental disability. Parents of players needing to play in a younger age division will be required to complete an Age Waiver Request form.

Please email questions to